The True Cut Rotary Cutting System

The Woman Shop is the exclusive dealer for the True Cut Rotary Cutting System by the Grace Company in Kenya.


True Cut provides a revolutionary new cutter that can reduce wrist strain and with the guide track on the rulers and the guide on the cutter, the system will eliminate inaccurate cuts due to veering off the ruler edge.


We carry:

- True Cut Rotary Cutter                                                                                          - True Cut Ruler 

     28cm, 45cm & 60cm cutters available                                                                     square & rectangular rulers in a variety of sizes


truecutrotary cutters
  • truecut ruler
















- True Grip non-slip adhesives                                                                                   - True Cut Rotary Blades

      add security to any ruler and reduce slippage
























To see more about the TrueCut system, click on the video below.